Tree Surgery in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Understanding Trees

It is sometimes easy to forget the massive part trees play in sustaining and improving life.

Trees provide shade from the sun and shelter from the wind and rain. They provide life - giving oxygen with their leaves.

They enrich the soil and provide food, homes and shelter for a great variety of wildlife. With their strength, beauty and stillness they can calm the mind and be a constant pleasure to the eye.

It is important however to remember that trees are living, growing and changing all the time. Only when a tree dies does it stop growing. It is there for vital that we keep an eye on the condition of the trees around us.

It is highly likely that at some point these trees will need some TLC. At this point, it's important that a qualified arborist can Identify and advise for any preventative measures to be taken and of course undertake works to eliminate dangers.

Dangers and defects to look for - Deadwood can fall at any time and can range from very small stumps to large limbs.

  • Discolouration of foliage
  • Stripped bark leading to bacterial or fungal infection
  • Fungal brackets growing on main stem or branches
  • Sap being excreted on the trunk and branches
  • Faulty joins of limbs
  • Cracks, splits and tears in timber
  • Movement in roots or ground
  • If at all concerned please ask for a professional opinion

Tree surgery in Herts, Beds and Bucks
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