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Description Of Our Tree Care

Dead wooding - As a tree matures, It will inevitably accumulate deadwood from broken branches and die back.

This method is used for
Amenity: Removing deadwood which is unsightly
Safety: Reducing the risk of falling timber
Health of a tree: Minimizing the chance of infection. It is advisable to have your tree regularly inspected

Crown thinning - This involves the removal of inner branches evenly throughout the trees crown without changing the trees natural shape.

This method is used for
Light: Allows maximum light penetration
Wind: Allows minimum wild resistance (lessening the chances of a tree uprooting)

Crown lifting - This is the process of removing the lower branches of a trees canopy. This method can be used to allow more light into gardens and plants beneath a tree. A trees crown can also be lifted to allow vehicles and people to pass safely.

Crown reduction - This is the process that involves reducing the overall size of a tree's canopy. During this operation, deadwood and crossing branches are removed to eliminate the risk of infection and disease.

Sectional felling and dismantling - This process is used when a tree can't be felled because of restricted space.

In this situation a tree will be carefully dismantled using a number of techniques. Specialist equipment will be used such as; rigging, ropes, or cranes to lower each cut section of timber safely to the ground.

Felling - Tree felling is the complete levelling of a tree from ground level. Where space allows, the tree is felled in a single section.

Using various felling techniques to control the direction of fall + ropes and wedges when needed this process can be carried out safely.

Stump Grinding - After a tree has been removed at ground level, a stump will be left; which is a trip hazard and can be unsightly.

Our specialist and versatile stump grinder will get into most standard size gates, making access to back gardens easy (22 inches wide).

This powerful machine will grind a stump up to 30cm below ground level. Arisings can be used on flower beds, vegetable patches, or removed from site if requested.

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